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Why You Need to See a Chiropractor if You Have a Concussion.


Concussions are very serious and quite common injuries that are still poorly understood. Treatment protocols are constantly changing as we increase our understanding of these devastating injuries. While most resolve within 7-10 days, 10-15% of patients can suffer for weeks, months or years.

Many of the symptoms of concussion are similar to whiplash symptoms. People can suffer from headaches, poor concentration or focus, neck pain, nausea and vision issues. Any blow to the head also traumatizes the neck. So how do we know what injury is causing the symptoms? We don’t.

This is why anyone who has suffered this type of injury should always get their spine checked by a chiropractor, especially if the symptoms last longer than a week. I have treated many patients suffering from concussion. Sometimes the symptoms are from the concussion primarily, and adjustments don’t cause much of a change, but often lasting symptoms are from the neck trauma and adjustments can make a huge difference.

Research also shows that if someone already has neck pain and headaches, they are more likely to experience a concussion!

If you are interested in the research and more details, please read this article titled “Concussion; the Cervical Spine, and Spinal Manipulation.”  I recommend that everyone read it.  The research is very interesting!21954264285_eabd80049b

Children get more concussions than any other age group.  Please share this information with everyone you know with children or that have had a concussion.



Photo credit: Keith Allison Jordan Reed via photopin (license)


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