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Unfortunately It's True, Sitting is Killing You!

“Sitting is the new smoking!”  We’ve all heard these types of statements over and over again by now.  In the “information overload” world that we live in important information can become yesterday’s news very quickly.  In order for an important message to create impact we have to understand how something occurs and why it’s important.

This video very clearly explains how sitting all day adversely affects your health.  It is very important information that everyone should know.  I encourage you to share it with your friends.

Unfortunately, number 26 (which is not on the list), would be a point about how badly sitting posture damages your spine and nervous system!  This may be the most important way in which it damages your health.  Without unrestricted communication in your nervous system, enabling the brain to fully coordinate and control your body, it can’t heal itself the way it was designed to!

Enjoy the videotumblr_obbjwp1bDz1ted1sho1_1280 and pass it on!

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