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Three Short Sentences That Could Save Your Health!


I learned these three phrases from a brilliant chiropractor, Dr. James Chestnut, years ago, but they are just as relevant and helpful today.

The three sentences are:

“That’s very interesting. Where did you read that? Can I have a copy?”

These days the last sentence would likely be “Can I have a copy, or can you send me a link?”

So how is this useful?

The most obvious use would be when someone says something that you really do find interesting and want to learn more. But it’s most useful when your inner sceptic kicks in and you sense B.S.

Imagine a conversation with a health practitioner where he says, “Don’t go to a physiotherapist. They can kill you!” You’re thinking, “That doesn’t sound right. All she does is give me exercises and ultrasound, and I usually feel better afterward.” That’s when you say, “That’s very interesting. Where did you read that? Can I have a copy, or can you send me a link?” Pay close attention to the person’s reaction. It’s a great way to help distinguish helpful facts from biased opinion.

In this electronic age we are constantly bombarded with information and opinions about everything? This is especially true with health related information, and unfortunately much of it is false. I really recommend keeping these sentences in mind when you encounter information on the internet. While you can’t ask the questions out loud, you can look for references, and click on them to see if the article really says what they are claiming it states. Worthwhile sources of information should list their references at the bottom of the page.

For the sake of your health, it’s wise to balance being open to new ideas and a little healthy skepticism!


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