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The Dangers of Texting for Your Neck and Spine!

What It’s Doing to You

It’s hard to believe, but “the average American spends about two hours and 42 minutes on his or her cellphone per day”.  I’m sure the habits of Canadians are very similar.  If your head is inclined by 60 degrees, that is like adding 60 pounds of weight on your neck and spine.  That is the average weight of a 8 year old child, sitting on your neck and shoulders for over 2.5 hours per day!

When you add texting time to all the hours spent sitting, driving, on computers and laptops, and doing desk work, it’s not a wonder that neck and upper back issues are ubiquitous in our society.  This is the most important area of the spine, in terms of potential to cause neurological problems.  It is far more serious than just neck pain!

Please read this article for some great tips than can help!


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