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Improve your performance!

How would your golf drive distance improve if you could swing with 16% more power?  How would it feel to run if your legs were 16% stronger?

man swinging golf club

A new paper recently published it Experimental Brain Research, revealed an exciting new treatment that resulted in an increase of 16% in force generated when a subject was asked to maximally contract one of their leg muscles. In the research world a 16% increase in muscle force is a grand slam! What was this miracle treatment? The patients received a full spine chiropractic adjustment!

“Over the past ten years, several research groups have demonstrated that spinal manipulation can change various aspects of nervous system function, including muscle reflexes, cognitive processing, reaction time, and the speed at which the brain processes information.”

Click here to read the full study, with all it’s neurological nomenclature to enjoy!

Do you know an athlete who would like to be 16% stronger for at least ½ hour?

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