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How do you know if you are healthy?


How Many Times Have you Heard…

How many times have you heard someone tell you about their friend that passed away just days after being given a clean bill of health by their family doctor?

I know that I hear different versions of that story weekly. We also hear of friends that have end stage cancer with no warning or symptom.

How can that happen? These things happen because doctors can’t test everything, and symptoms are not a good indicator of health.

Science explains why this is so.

A paper written in 2000, by Furman and Gallo, titled “The Neurophysics of Human Behavior” reported while the brain can process several trillion bits of information per second, it appears that we are perhaps only consciously aware of 50 bits of information per second at any given time. The brain is constantly receiving input from all parts of your body and from all your sense organs, but it can only pay conscious attention to a tiny fraction. And many health conditions do not cause pain or symptoms at all, or not until severe damage is done. All conditions that produce symptoms go through a stage with no symptoms at all.

On some level most people know this, and yet they are still confident that they must be fine because they feel good. Strange!

So, how do you know if you are healthy?

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