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Could One Specific Nerve be the Key to Health?


The balance of our Autonomic nervous system determines how our organ systems function. The Sympathetic side elicits the stress response, which tadult-air-beautiful-beauty-321576ends to shut down organ function to save energy for fight or flight. The opposing, Parasympathetic side has a calming, healing influence on the organ systems. The main parasympathetic supply to the organs is carried through one important nerve that exits the skull at the top of the spine – the 10th cranial nerve, the vagus nerve. Vagus is Latin for “wandering” which describes its extended path through the chest and abdomen.

Scientists believe that the vagus nerve “may exert a neuromodulatory effect to activate certain innate “protective” pathways for restoring health.” It is seen as the key to well-being because stimulation of this nerve has been found to have a positive influence on almost any condition related to inflammation – everything from arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease to heart disease. It can affect asthma attacks, epileptic seizures, migraines, cluster headaches, and acid reflux. Research is also showing positive responses with memory loss, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression.

Scientists find that almost anything that is relaxing, like meditation, yoga and massage, can stimulate vagal activity, moving your body in to a healing state. Chiropractic adjustments have also been found to shift the body to a more parasympathetic, wellness state. OTZ is one chiropractic technique that focuses on the very specific movement at the joint between your skull and the spine. It is thought that this technique releases pressure on the accessory nerve (affecting Frozen Shoulder) and the vagus nerve which exit the cranium through the same opening.

The ability of an adjustment to shift your body to a more parasympathetic healing state and decrease the effects of stress on your health, is probably one of the main mechanisms through which chiropractic care can have a positive influence on your state of health. It’s easy to see why we think that the chiropractic adjustment and its effect on the vagus nerve is the key to your well-being!


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