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Acetaminophen - Use With Caution!


Tylenol has been advertised so heavily and used for so long that most people think that it’s perfectly harmless and safe. A few recent news events highlight how dangerous that assumption can be.

The Toronto Star recently reported on the disappointment expressed about Health Canada’s new labeling rules for acetaminophen. The drug is currently found in 445 products sold to Canadians, making it easier to overdose if you are using multiple products. The new guidelines requires the words “contains acetaminophen” in bold red lettering on these products, and greater emphasis of the maximum daily dose of 4 grams (eight extra strength pills). Considering that acetaminophen is currently Canada’s leading cause of serious liver injuries, drug safety researchers recommended a maximum dose of 2.6 grams. They feel Health Canada’s recommendations don’t go nearly far enough.

Tylenol has been considered safe to take during pregnancy for years. A new study published in JAMA Pediatricsheadache-1540220_1280 in August, studied 7,800 women and their children over the course of more than seven years. They found that behavioral problems were common in about 20 to 45 percent of children who were born to women who took acetaminophen during pregnancy. While the results are alarming the authors stressed that further studies were recommended to see if the results can be replicated.

All drugs have side effects, and stress your liver and kidneys. Even the ones we are very familiar with are far more dangerous than most people think. The best strategy is to reserve medication use for times when it is absolutely necessary, and use natural methods to stay healthy so you will not need them as much.


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